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Smék Setúbal is a duo composed of brazilian artists                  (1987) and                (1987) currently living and working between Brazil and Spain.

Since 2017, the collective has created a series of installations, sculptures, performances, videos and photographs that take as their starting point the tensions inherent in human relationships.

The emergence of the duo as an autonomous artist/collective begins with the tangency and friction between the individual productions of the two artists and establishes itself as a third artist with specific questions.

In Smék Setúbal's production the focus is on the shock between the two bodies of the two artists with their context, their differences, identity specificities, and extended to the social, public and political spheres.

Smék Setúbal uses different techniques to build their works, such as projects based on classical and traditional crafts, site-specific installation projects and experimental proposals in the fields of performance, music and audiovisual in addition to expanding their research involving new media and technologies.

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